We regulate the laws of this terminals and tank farms

 Our personal storage farm tanks in the Tuapse Oil Terminal is an oil import-export terminal located 8 km (5.0 mi) offshore the Port of Tuapse in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. It is one of the biggest oil terminals in the Black Sea that serves as a hub for crude oil deliveries to the Black Sea market. The terminal which started operations in 2005 belongs to the Russian oil giant Rosneft OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt.

ROSNEFT operates in tuapse terminal via LLC RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt, a Rosneft subsidiary, engages in export-bound oil products marine transshipment, oil products loading into railway and truck tanks, oil product deliveries by gasoline trucks. In 2013, the facility celebrated its 85th anniversary.

The capacity of the terminal, located in the direct vicinity of the Tuapse Refinery, is 17 mln tons a year. The terminal is used mainly to export oil products manufactured at the Tuapse, Achinsk and Samara refineries. In June 2012, Rosneft, in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation and Company’s President, launched a 7 mmtpa deep-water berth 1A in the Tuapse port, capable of loading ships with displacement of up to 80 ktons. In 2013, the Company shipped 8.8 mln tons of oil products via the Tuapse terminal (with export and domestic bunkering), and if transshipment of third-party oil products is factored in, the figure goes up to 10.9 mln tons.

More likely to devise novel products and processes 92%
Greater employee productivity 52%
Better response to customer needs 53%

The TUAPSE Terminal also includes:
– An oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 720 000 m3 x 3 (to be expanded);
– A wide network of internal railways with a total length of 7 km and a capacity to accept 183 railway tank-cars
– 3 railway stations for simultaneous loading/discharge operations of 91 railway tank-cars and prospects to increase discharging capacities up to 94 railway tank-cars;
– 8 pumping houses and technological pipelines for oil and?il products delivery;
– An automated blending unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 250
Cub. m. per hour;
– A waterfront of 3 berths, one of which is the biggest in the Far East to accommodate tankers up to 110 000 dwt.
– A steam-generating plant of 93 tons of steam per hour;
– A laboratory for oil and oil products quality control