Creating a Culture of Excellence

We regulate the laws of this terminals and tank farms in this port
Our personal storage farm tanks in the Novorossiysk terminal also include:

– An oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 920 000 m3, x 4 to be expanded to 580 000 m3 by the year 2010;
– A wide network of internal railways with a total length of 9 km and a capacity to accept 170 railway tank-cars

3 railway stations for simultaneous loading/discharge operations of 70 railway tank-cars and prospects for 2008 to Increase discharging capacities up to 94 railway tank-cars;
8 pumping houses and technological pipelines for oil and oil products delivery; an automated blending unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 250 m3
Per hour;

More likely to devise novel products and processes 92%
Greater employee productivity 52%
Better response to customer needs 53%

Keeping to international Standard

A waterfront of 5 berths, capable of accommodating tankers up to 220 000 dwt. A steam-generating plant of 103 tons of steam per hour; Modern installations for oil-contaminated water and sewage treatment; A laboratory for oil and oil products quality control. Additionally the facility at Novorossiysk has been tested and Ascertained to: – comply with any applicable modern industrial requirements (industrial security);
– meet sanitary and environmental standards (disposal facility construction);
– is equipped with state-of-the-art dark oil products discharge technology (excluding water pollution);
– be enhanced to provide for turnover of up to 1.5 mln. Tones (one-time storage of oil products increase, oil discharge trestle extension, transfer pump delivery increase).